Alternative Dispute Resolution

Having litigated hundreds of cases for clients ranging from multimillion dollar corporations to individuals, we recognize the financial and emotional toll that litigation takes on the parties. We also know that statistically, the vast majority of cases settle just prior to trial after months and years of financially costly and often personally destructive fighting. While we recognize that there are times when litigation is the only option, many times disputes can be resolved to the mutual satisfaction of the parties through facilitated mediation. As an experienced attorney, arbitrator and certified mediator, Marcia G. Cotler brings her extensive legal knowledge and personable communication style to the table to facilitate the parties in reaching an amicable resolution to their dispute.

Mediation is a voluntary process in which a highly skilled mediator guides the disputing parties through a systematic process designed to explore all possible solutions to a conflict with the intention of arriving at a mutually satisfactory resolution. The mediator is a neutral third party and does not represent or advocate for the interests of either party to the conflict. The mediator is skilled in facilitating communication between the parties, and maintaining a respectful and productive climate in which conflict can be explored and resolved. The matters disclosed in the mediation remain confidential and cannot be used to the disadvantage of either party should litigation ultimately ensue. The parties therefore have nothing to lose and everything to gain from achieving an early resolution through mediation. The mediation is conducted around a conference table in which all parties are present.

If you are interested in learning more about how a mediation attorney can help you successfully resolve your dispute, we invite you to call or email us. It would be our pleasure to discuss how this highly effective process may be of benefit to you.