Chicago Employment Attorney

Cotler Law, LLC offers sophisticated legal counsel with exceptional client service. Our focus is on developing a trusting attorney-client relationship and we pride ourselves on being accessible to our clients and responsive to their needs.

Many employment law firms limit their representation to either only employers or only employees. Cotler Law is unique among employment law firms in that we represent the interests of both employers and employees. For our employer clients, we handle all aspects of the employment relationship from offer letters to severance agreements and everything in between. We develop employee handbooks, offer harassment prevention training, draft severance agreements and non-compete agreements, and defend against contested unemployment claims, wage claims and discrimination claims.

For our employee clients, we negotiate employment offers, non-competes, severance agreements, executive compensation packages, underpayment of wages, overtime claims, and claims of harassment or discrimination.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the legal profession, we believe in being proactive in preventing conflict and aggressive in resolving it. Using our knowledge of the law, we are always looking to find the most practical and cost-effective solutions for our clients. As certified mediators we try to facilitate amicable resolution to conflict whenever possible and as seasoned litigators, we negotiate hard when necessary.

We take our responsibility to the legal profession very seriously and work hard to keep our knowledge current with the ever-changing laws. Our Chicago employment lawyers are often called upon to speak as experts in their field.

We invite you to browse our website to see the many types of legal services we provide. It would be our pleasure to speak with you personally as to how we might be of service to you or your organization.