Complaint Investigations

Every employer should have in place a known procedure by which an employee can make a complaint regarding alleged sexual harassment or discrimination. Upon receipt of such a complaint, an employer is under an obligation to conduct a prompt and thorough investigation to gather the appropriate facts to determine the merits of the complaint.

Investigations into claims of harassment or discrimination must be conducted with sensitivity and every effort made to protect to the extent possible the privacy and confidentiality of the parties involved. If it is discovered that inappropriate or illegal conduct has occurred, corrective action should be promptly initiated. By conducting a proper complaint investigation and taking appropriate measures to cease the offensive conduct, an employer can often shield itself from liability.

Cotler Law LLC is experienced in conducting complaint investigations. We come on site to your organization and sensitively interview the parties and any witnesses and prepare a comprehensive written report of our factual findings. Because we are being hired to investigate in our capacity as legal counsel, our work product is often protected from future discovery should litigation ensue.

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