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Leadership Training & Development

Cotler Law LLC offers leadership training and development seminars on a variety of topics including:

Managing the Generation Gap

Today’s workforce is made up of workers from four generations, each with different and distinct sets of values and expectations. The current workforce is roughly broken down as follows:

  • Traditionalist 1925-1942 6% of workers
  • Baby Boomer 1943-1963 46% of workers
  • Generation X – 1964-1981 34% of workers
  • Generation Y (“millennial”) – 1982-2001 15% of working population and increasing

In order to recruit and retain employees across the generations and foster camaraderie in the workplace, it is critical to understand the varying work ethics, skill sets, approaches to conflict, and expectations that accompany each of these subgroups of employees.

In this interactive seminar, participants are guided to examine their own workplace values as well as to gain an appreciation and understanding of those of others. The objectives of the seminar are three-fold: 1) to foster a better understanding and acceptance among workers across the generations, 2) to educate managers how to best manage employees from different generations, and 3) to understand ways in which to leverage the various strengths and skill sets that each generation brings to the work force.

Conflict Management

As a certified and experienced mediator, Ms. Cotler offer workshops on conflict management skills, as well as individual coaching for leaders wanting to improve upon this critically important skill set. Conflict is inherent in human interaction and the workplace presents a unique challenge in which people with different conflict resolution styles are interdependent upon one another to achieve a common goal. This seminar educates individuals to recognize their own conflict resolution style as well as that of their co-workers and offers constructive methods to approach and resolve conflict. Topics covered in this seminar include:

  • Causes of conflict
  • How we respond to conflict as individuals
  • Effective and ineffective ways to approach and resolve conflict
  • The role of a third party neutral as mediator

Effective Public Speaking

Cotler Law LLC offers group workshops and individual coaching for leaders or salespeople wanting to improve the content and delivery of their public speaking.

Negotiation Skills

Cotler Law LLC is able to provide small group workshops or individual coaching that teaches the skills necessary to negotiate like a lawyer. The ability to effectively negotiate requires that one not only understand his or her individual objectives and desired outcome, but be equally familiar with those of his or her opponent. Effective negotiating involves the ability to find a middle ground that meets as many of the mutual objectives of both parties as possible. This seminar teaches the participants how to identify and prioritize their objectives while recognizing and controlling emotional factors that can derail effective negotiating.

Group Facilitation

Cotler Law LLC is available to come on site to your organizations to lead and facilitate a group meeting by engaging participants and keeping the agenda on task. We also work with teams of people to improve communication, promote professional camaraderie, enhance productivity and eliminate conflict.

Persuasive Writing

Marcia G. Cotler of Cotler Law LLC brings her experience as an attorney as well as a former adjunct faculty member teaching legal writing at DePaul University College of Law to teach leaders how to more effectively express themselves in written communications.

Harassment Prevention Training

Courts have consistently held that employers who institute a firm anti-harassment and discrimination policy and educate their workforce regarding the prohibition of such illegal conduct can effectively mitigate potential liability for such claims. Cotler Law LLC will educate your organization’s leadership as well as its employees regarding the various federal and state laws prohibiting harassment and discrimination and provide specific examples of how to both recognize and avoid misconduct.

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Relentless, compassionate, amazing!


She is a skilled negotiator, honest, patient, communicates well and has a heart for those that are being treated unfairly


There are many competent lawyers in the world but it is really hard to find one who has both capability and integrity. I highly recommend her. She works for justice, not for money


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