Confidentiality & Non-Compete Agreements

A company spends a great deal of its resources developing proprietary information which gives it a competitive edge in the marketplace. This proprietary information can take the form of inventions, software, client lists, databases, and marketing strategies to name just a few. It is essential for all employers to protect this information from public dissemination and potential use by competitors in their industry. This protection can be provided by Cotler Law LLC through a well drafted confidentiality agreement along with our ability to take appropriate legal measures to enforce compliance with the agreement.

Non-Solicitation Agreements protect a company’s clients from being solicited by its current or former employees. Companies spend a great deal of time and money developing relationships with their clients, suppliers and vendors. Cotler Law LLC helps its clients to protect the investment in these relationships through well crafted non-solicitation agreements.

Non-Compete agreements are often used to preclude a former employee from providing goods or services substantially similar to that of the company within a limited geographic area for a specified period of time. In order for non-compete agreements to be enforceable, they must be carefully drafted so as not to exceed the reasonable limitations imposed by law. Cotler Law LLC is experienced in drafting non-compete agreements in a variety of industries ranging from healthcare to consumer products.