Employee Handbook Development

The Employee Handbook has become a must for employers. It is the guide to which employees may refer regarding the employer’s rules and expectations of employment as well as the various employee benefits that are offered. In addition, a carefully drafted Employee Handbook should also at a minimum address such issues as the employer’s equal employment, anti-discrimination and retaliation policies.

Many employees chose to have a comprehensive handbook which addresses everything from vacation policies to dress codes. More recently, we find our clients desiring policies which address new and emerging issues such as the use of social media and the workplace.

The use of a handbook serves several purposes. By setting forth in one comprehensive document all of the employer’s policies; the handbook facilitates the consistent application and enforcement of its policies as to all employees. Further, a well drafted handbook putting in place a firm anti-discrimination policy can help shield an employer from potential liability against future claims of discrimination.

Cotler Law LLC has extensive experience drafting employee handbooks and is committed to helping each client develop a handbook that best reflects the client’s unique company culture. As new laws are passed, we keep our clients up to date as to when revisions or additions to the handbooks become necessary.