Hiring, Termination & Discipline

For employers, hiring, firing and discipline are three areas which are laden with potential legal pitfalls which can lead to expensive liability. Sometimes employers with the best of intentions find themselves asking questions of prospective employees or making employment decision based upon certain information which the law either specifically prohibits or considers discriminatory. Cotler Law LLC helps its clients to develop hiring criteria and questionnaires that both comply with the law and meet the clients’ specific hiring objectives.

While Illinois is considered an “employee-at-will” state, such that barring an agreement to the contrary, employees may be fired with our without “cause”, employers are not free to fire employees for reasons that are considered legally discriminatory. When it comes to employee discipline and termination, taking the proper steps and properly documenting these steps is essential should there be a need to later defend a legitimate termination from a claim of discrimination or retaliation. As employment lawyers, Cotler Law LLC is able to assist its clients in all phases of the employment cycle from hiring through termination.